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ICG- 105
Frame : 20"/18" Suspension by Steel Shockers
Front Fork : Taped fat tube
Rim : 36x36 hole Endric pattern BCP..
Hubs : 36x36 hole thin/thick barrel
Chainwheel : japan cut 44Tx7"
Freewheel : Single Speed 18T
Handle Bar : MTB Impact with bull horns
Brakes : Side pull system
Mudguard : Round shape in Black
Pedals : Ranger type
Saddle : PVC top, Sheet Matal Base Parts BCP
Tyre & Tube : 26x1.75" / 26x2.125" Black colour
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: Carrier BCP/coloured,Chain Cover, Side Stand, Small Bell
Colors : Flamboyant Green /Blue/Red / Metallic shades
ICG- 106
Frame : BMX Type-ERW Steel Tube MIG Welded
Front Fork : BMX Uni crown fork made of quality steel
Rim : 20x1.75" BCP with 20 holes
Hubs : 28x28 holes, thick/thin/conical Barrel..
Chainwheel : 36Tx5" cottered type BCP.
Freewheel : 1/2"x1/8"x18T. Half balls
Handel Bar : BMX Raised type
Brakes : Caliper brake side Pull BCP / Black finish.
Mudguard : U Shaped Painted
Pedals : Pedal Plastic
Saddle : PVC Moulded BMX type
Tyre & Tube : 20x1.75" Black
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: Steel Carrier with reflector Bell & trainer wheel.
Colors : Laser Green /Blue/Red / Metallic shades
ICG- 107
Frame : 22" Gents/ladies. single bar, dip brazed joints, Straight sent stays and swaged chain stay
Front Fork : Uni-crown cover with forged ends dip brazed
Rim : 40x622,36x36 Hole Endric pattren BCP
Hubs :

36x36 Holes, Rear Coaster with 18T Sprocket

Chainwheel : Round cut 46Tx6.3/4" crank Metrtic Thread, 1/2"x1/8" chain, Cotter pin 9.5mm
Handel Bar : Raised patern with adjustable extension stem SLR Type with Black grips.
Brakes : Rear coaster brake/front side pull BCP.
Mudguard : Deep Dome shape BCP Mode of CRCA sheet
Pedals : Rubber Bow type 4" metric threads with or without Reflector
Saddle : PVC top Black Sheet metal Base Parts BNCP.
Tyre & Tube : 40"x622 Black with American valve
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: Carrier, Half Chain Cover, Side Stand, Tool bag with Two Tools, Bell
Colors : Laser Green /Blue/Red / Metallic shades
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